Perfect Dream
Last night I saw you again in my dream
Just you, me, and happiness, or so it seemed
Everyday was warm, sunny and bright
Stars were out and the moon was full every night 

We took flight and traveled the whole world
It was a perfect tour with the perfect girl
I wouldn’t have minded if I hadn’t gone anywhere
Just as long wherever I was, you were there 

No matter the sights we saw, it’s the perfect view
Not just the perfect scenery, but beautiful you
But there’s a problem, a serious conflict in this scene
In the back of my mind I realize it’s an imperfect dream 

I break the rules in our carefree world and make a plan
Make the best of it with you and last as long we can
Because I know when I wake up none of this will be true
My perfect view is an illusion and I’m a stranger to you 

So we hide out holding each other under a giant willow
In reality, I’m tightly holding my own pillow
You lay your head on my chest and I smell your hair
We both silently, passively protest how it’s not fair 

I’d say I’d get over it but we both call my bluff
I’ll think about you and won’t be able to write fast enough
I take one last look as you start to dematerialize
I wake up, back to reality, reluctantly opening my eyes 

All morning I’m lamenting, remembering and wishing we could meet
And wouldn’t you it, guess who I see later on down the street?
We approach, both smiling, it’s hard trying not to run to greet you
It’s hard not telling you how much I wanted to see you 

Some how, some way I think you already knew
You tell me about a dream and a perfect view
Some how you knew I had the dream too
How perfect it is to find the perfect part is true