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I am the Principal Product Designer of Ahalogy Muse since 2016 along side a team of 2 direct reports. 

Muse is an influencer marketing platform that helps big brands connect with creators to make content for data driven campaigns. Muse was named an influencer marketing ‘leader’ by Forrester research. Building this platform was challenging due to the different end users we had to design for. Internal users included digital campaign managers, client service, paid media team, and the creative team. External users included brands, agencies, and influencers. 

Here’s a look at some of the features:

Influencers can view jobs and apply to upcoming campaigns. Our team also targets specific groups of influencers in our network based off of data such as (location to retailer, age, marital status etc). The application then shows up in the influencer's recommended section.

When selecting influencers for upcoming campaigns our internal team has the ability to filter the influencer’s info (by ranking, rate, location, etc.) in addition to filtering by specific questions in the application.

The client then reviews the influencers our team has hand picked for their campaign. The process repeats until the client is satisfied with the influencer selections. Onboarding the influencers in the campaign occurs after this process in 'Workspace'.

The Workspace is a place for digital campaign managers to manage the influencers through the different steps of creating a sponsored post.


Similar to the DCM workspace this is a place for the influencer to manage all the steps for creating their sponsored post. I designed icons to differentiate each type of post (blog, video, social, photos only), so at a glance the influencer understands what is expected for their sponsored content opportunity.

Interviewing influencers indicated a need to understand if they purchased the correct item before beginning to work on their sponsored content post. For example, if Oreo is doing a campaign on Vanilla Oreos, Influencers need feedback before they purchase that they have the correct type of Oreo to prevent them from multiple grocery store runs. So I designed a UPC scanner that automatically confirms the product in the store for the influencer. Above are some of the mobile screens.

Above is an example of the draft editor inside of the influencer’s workspace. They can write their post and upload photos and our copywriters can make adjustments when they submit it for review.

A Notes & comment feature helps our copywriters/brands give feedback on specific parts of their draft.

After all of the posts are published we send the client to the performance dashboard--a showcase of important high level metrics for the campaign, including how it is performing towards it’s goal.

Our paid team uses the performance dashboard to monitor the campaign's progress in achieving its goals and to make necessary adjustments if it's not.

Note: this product is both a trend tool and an Influencer Marketing Platform. Click here to view the trend side of Muse.
Muse Influencer Marketing Platform

Muse Influencer Marketing Platform