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OCTO Sushi

OCTO Sushi
Brand Project | Restaurant | 2019

In this project I was responsible for creating the entire branding system for OCTO Sushi restaurant, based in Santa Cruz do Sul, RS, Brazil. The first step was to start the development of naming and a positioning strategy that would direct the brand's verbal and visual expression.

The name was born from a set of inspirations and meanings. The first of these is the Ba-guá symbol, a transition between the circle that represents the sky and the square that represents the earth. Together, they form an octagon, expressing the indissoluble union of spirit and matter. The octagon is a representation that everything is constantly changing, as well as our feelings. It’s a so uniform movement that it seems static, but it’s dynamic because it never repeats exactly the same. It’s a new point in relation to the previous one, and that is the basis of life, the movement.

OCTO is a way I found to synthesize all of this, a name loaded with feeling and connected to the positioning that was created for a brand: oriental cuisine true to the feeling.

To support this strategy, customized materials were produced with different textural and color contrasts, composing the environment with wood, ceramics and fabrics. I explored sober and elegant colors, in order to obtain a contemporary and minimalist visual identity.​​​​​​​

Brand Strategy: Max Silva
Naming: Max Silva
Design: Max Silva

Direction and Visual Expression

Another important step in this project was to establish the menu’s visual expression and restaurant photographs.  The images needed to talk and connect with the positioning that was developed for the brand. So I estabilished a sober photographic direction, using personalized dishes to compose the images and always prioritizing the nuclei of the highlighted piece or dish. 

Photographer: Gabriela Mueller 
Post Production: Max Silva

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OCTO Sushi


OCTO Sushi

Branding project for the Oriental Cuisine Restaurant OCTO Sushi, from Brazil.