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    After several years of serene repose, Pipo & Astutto have decided to set off to fulfill their dreams. On board a Vespa VVB with a 1964 sidecar, t… Read More
    After several years of serene repose, Pipo & Astutto have decided to set off to fulfill their dreams. On board a Vespa VVB with a 1964 sidecar, they are intent on completing the long journey from Madrid to New York via Lisbon. A film crew will accompany them on this adventure in order to document all of their shenanigans along the way. Here is where the journey begins, and the beautiful thing is knowing that they don´t know how it will end. Read Less
Pipo & Astutto’s Incredible Journey
InFebruary of 2011, tired of the crisis and the dreadful working conditions inSpain, we decided to join forces and set up our own studio as a creativepartnership. With the goal ofgetting to New York in order to develop ourselves personally andprofessionally, we made a self-promotional piece with the qualities that webelieve all good work should possess: defined creativity, the right timing, anda solid investment in the procedure; all of this while keeping the “slow work” philosophyin mind.

We never reached NorthAmerica, nor do we know if we ever will. What we do know is that the attempthas been more amazing than we ever imagined…

En Febrero de 2011, cansados de la crisis y las pésimas condiciones laborales españolas, decidimos unir fuerzas y montar nuestro propio estudio como dupla creativa. Con el objetivo de llegar a NY para desarrollarnos profesional y personalmente, hicimos una pieza de autopromoción con las cualidades que creemos que deben tener los buenos trabajos: creatividad definida, tiempos justos e inversión en los procesos; todo bajo la filosofía "slow work".

Nunca llegamos a América ni sabremos si llegaremos algún día, lo que si podemos decir es que el camino, está siendo maravilloso...

Dream Plan

This wasthe evolution of a business plan, or rather, how to transform a dream intoreality. It was the beginning ofeverything and also a way to get collaborators interested in the project.

La evolución de un "Bussiness plan" o cómo bajar un sueño al mundo real. El inicio de todo y una manera de conseguir que los colaboradores se interesasen por el proyecto.

Dream Kit
A special“kit” for all those who participated in the project. It was a completely hand-made gift consisting of severalitems that would serve as inspiration.

Un "kit" especial para todos los participantes de proyecto. Hecho de manera completamente artesanal y con varios regalos qeu sirviesen de inspiración.
Philosophical stickers
We havealways been clear about our philosophy and we want it to reach far and wide.For that reason we created stickers that we would leave along the way.

Siempre tuvimos clara nuestra filosofía y queremos que llegue a todo el mundo, para ello creamos stickers que iríamos dejando por todo nuestro recorrido.

Pósters Teaser
Not yet Vesponium, our main objective was to represent the challenge of undertaking such a journey. We did a special edition silkscreen poster teaser.

Sin todavía Vesponium, nuestro principal objetivo era representar el reto que suponía emprender tal viaje. Hicimos una edición especial en serigrafía del póster teaser.

In order not to leaveanything in the air, all of the elements had to be perfectly customized. Here you can see the mechanic’s monogramand some of the long days spent silk screening.

Para no dejar nada en el aire, todos los elementos tenían que estar perfectamente customizados. Aquí podemos ver el mono del mecánico y alguna de las largas jornadas de serigrafía.

As wedidn’t want to saturate our contacts with messages, we only sent two emails:one before leaving and one upon our return.
No queríamos saturar a nuestros contactos, por lo que hicimos sólamente 2 emalings, antes de salir y cuando llegamos
“The Incredible Journey” Blog

This is ablog where we posted day-to-day information about the trip. We have included teasers that werefilmed live as we arrived to our daily destinations, as well as anecdotes andphotos.

En este blog incluímos el día a día del viaje. Vídeos teaser editados en tiempo real cuando llegábamos a nuestra meta diaria, anécdotas e imágenes.
We had to make ouradventure larger than life. That’s why we couldn’t do without posters.
Había que hacerlo todavía más grande, por eso no debían faltar los pósters.

"The movie" Website
It soon came time to releaseour project to the public. So onceagain we got back to work and organized all of the information about thejourney on a single website.

Llegaba la hora de comunicar el proyecto. Nos pusimos de nuevo a la labor
para contener en una sola página toda la información relativa al viaje.
Good Times
Flicker set

Brief flashes ofmemories captured along the way.
Destellos fugaces del camino
Documentary Short - Corto Documental
And,finally, the summary of an incredible adventure. This is the result of a silly trip to nowhere…

Y ya por fín, el resumen de una aventura. El resultado de un viaje estúpido a ninguna parte...

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Credits - Créditos:
Direction and production: Pipo & Astutto
Director of Photography: Pedro Guimaraes
Stills photgrapher: Mayte Ramiro
Editing: Álvaro Giménez Sarmiento
Montaje y Motion Graphics: Mariano Rivas
Sound Editing: Beltrán Rengifo
Producers: Mirco Lucaroni, Virginia Ramírez y Fernando Pato Shon
Translator: Elizabeth Peters
Music: El Desván del Duende and Cíngaro Drom