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    Private Garden #2 in the same conditions Private Garden #1
"O desenho de um jardim apto para pessoas de mobilidade reduzida"
2010 :  ideas, conception, model, handwork and Autocad 2D & 3D at University
2012 : afterwork (Photoshop) : section, prespective, manipulation onto real model and autocad model.
a section for this garden ::
luís rodrigues 2012
Conceptual model.
Cork Model Photography without the 'iron trees'  + Photoshop.
Real model photography with some photoshop - exploiting software and space design possibilities.
The ideas were changed and new possibilities were tested since then.
The Presented Master Plan is from the hand in at the University.
The first master plan.
hand made with ink. 2010
several ideas were changed since then, like the water feature, walkways and vegetation typology and placement.
---> North
rendering :: Autocad 3D model with some photoshop (unfinished)
note: this green surface does not represent grass. The turfgrass area is less that this green surface.
details on AutoCad