The circus
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    this is a small photo story about strong man Samson and his sister Olga
I'd like you to listen to this music track while watching the series
Sit down and listen, boys and girls, I will tell you the small story about the very strong man Samson and his sister Olga ..
Every day Samson and Olga had to make their performance. They moved from town to town with the traveling circus. 
Samson didn't want to perform his physical power, his dream was to play tuba...
Tired after every performance they were just sitting and dreaming....
Samson loved his sunny sister, she gave him power to live, he wanted to make her happy.
When she tried on her only beautiful white dress, he thought he'd buy her all clothes in the world to see her always smiling..
When she got white dress close to her heart, she was smiling and thinking not about clothes at all...
Their souls were clear and their hearts were full of rainbow expectations..
One day they  took a decision to go towards the dream and asked one photographer  to take their picture is circus for memories... That photo keeps  the mixture of hope and fear in their eyes .....
They looked at their poster one last time and took it off...
Joined hands and set off on a long journey ...