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    Poster for the Three O'clock High movie.
— Three o'clock high poster.
This time I wanted to try my hand at movie posters, so when I was going to choose some awesome movie to mess around my wife came and said "You should do it about Three O'clock High, I LOVE that movie!" but she said it with that voice that's like I'm-kinda-just-messing-around-but-you-know-that-you-ARE-going-to-do-as-I-say so I knew there was nothing more to think about.
I do like the movie, although it's kind of a Karate Kid rip-off and a middle of the road 80s teen movie, I feel like there's something darker going on there as the bully character it's better and more deep than most 80s movies, the almost hidden smile Buddy Revell gives Jerry at the end of the movie… it really says something about the character. The final fight is so ridiculous and hilarious yet so intense and the climax is so gratifying and earned, it's just a fun movie.
I wanted to frame the intensity of Jerry and Buddy circling each other as they prepare to engage in the fight, you know, the intense, serious look in Buddy vs the scared, completely lost look on Jerry.
The style is an obvious nod to the great James White, I'm a huge fan!
Hope you like it and thanks for watching!.
Three O'clock High movie poster — Alternate color scheme.
What I hope is the final poster.
Some color options for the poster before making a very limited print run, still undecided about which way to go.
I wanted to capture the ridiculousness of the fight, Buddy is an experienced street fighter and Jerry is just so lost in this world, but the fun thing is that Jerry drags Buddy down to his level, and instead of just destroying Jerry, Buddy himself winds up lost in Jerry's world… and it cracks me up that Jerry survives on the random stupidity that keeps happening around the fight. It is NOT a serious fight yet is so intense and the ending is so rewarding and it just pumps you up!, it's right up there with the Crane Kick.
Jerry Mitchell.
Buddy Revell.