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    Each summer, PHCG interns are divided in to teams to work on a mock pitch, compete, and present their final projects to advertising industry lead… Read More
    Each summer, PHCG interns are divided in to teams to work on a mock pitch, compete, and present their final projects to advertising industry leaders. This summer the mock pitch was based on the fictional drug PHCG Flozin, a once-a-day oral medication for the treatment of type 2 diabetes. Our task was to create a campaign that positions PHCG Flozin as a lifestyle drug in the diabetes market. Our team’s agency name was Continuum Health. Our strategy was to raise awareness about type 2 diabetes and to position PHCG Flozin as a life changing drug by: - Creating an unbranded campaign that focus' on the leading causes of type 2 diabetes. - Creating a branded campaign that not only speaks to patients with type 2 diabetes, but to their families as well. - Creating a second branded campaign that reminds patients with type 2 diabetes that they're an inspiration to their families and that their hard work doesn't go unnoticed. Continuum Health is the proud winner of PHGC's Intern Mock Pitch 2013 Read Less
1st place winner in the Publicis Healthcare Communications Group Intern Mock Pitch 2013
P  R  E  S  E  N  T  S
          •Hereditary plays a part in Type 2 diabetes
          •Obesity is one of the leading causes of type 2 diabetes
          This was an unbranded campaign intended for Type 2 diabetes patients, to become aware of the symptoms and to take               the initiative to go to the doctor. The design approach was to engage the viewer with visually appealing images that relate             to heredity.
          • PHCGFlozin is to be put on the market as a lifestyle drug
          • PHCGFlozin helps consumers stay on track on their wellness plan

            With these insights we created an branded campaign that not only speaks to patients, but to they’re families as well.                     We want patients to think of PHCGFlozin as a partner, companion, or sidekick that’s there to encourage them just as                     they’re family would.
          •Type 2 diabetes is hereditary
          •People with Type 2 diabetes is preventable
           We created this campaign to remind patients that they can be an inspiration, role model, or hero. By eating healthy,                      checking their blood sugar, excising, and adhering to their PHCGFlozin wellness plan, they can be a shining example for                their family.
FloCare is a CRM program that patients can sign up to receive
updates and the latest information. The PHCGFlozin Application
allows patients to track their blood sugar
Patients can sign up through a web or mobile site where they will be
prompted to enter their:
•Target AC1 levels
•Weight goal
•Target steps/day
•Target Carbohydrate intake
They can choose to receive a variety of updates including:
•Diet and Recipes
•Exercise Routines
•Lifestyle Modification