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    Ståhlberg Home Bakery & Café in Tampere, Finland
Jaana was involved in Ståhlberg Home Bakery & Cafe comprehensive planning of the whole concept as well as the interior design. In addition to the interior design work, Jaana was also responsible of the design and decision making regarding of staff uniforms, set of dishes, music etc. choices, which allow us to provide our customers with a complete café experience every single day. Visionary Design Partners role as part of the project also included the management of the demanding process of procurement task which they completed with flying colors. I am very pleased with the result and we will definitely continue to cooperate among similar projects in the future.
- Mr. Mikko Aartio, Owner -
The new Ståhlberg Home Bakery & Cafe is a tribute to the long tradition of baking as well as to traditional European cafe culture. However the interior is influenced by modern, minimalistic and light scandinavian design.
Ståhlberg is located in Tampere, Finland.