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    Sky Spectrum is a dynamic lighting installation which responds to the color of the sky.
Sky Spectrum
a dynamic light fixture controlled by the color of the sky
Sky Spectrum (installation view at Cube Gallery)
The light patterns displayed by Sky Spectrum are directly related to the current sky conditions above Ottawa’s Peace Tower.  Every few minutes, the sky portion of the Hill Cam is analysed to reveal the average red, green, and blue components present in the sky.  The light fixture responds according to the various relationships between these values, presenting an altered view of the sky above, revealing colour details and relationships invisible to the naked eye
Sky Spectrum (detail view)
The literal reference to the sky is echoed by the graphic processing portion of the piece which takes place on a remote webserver, in essence utilizing “cloud computing.”
The code is only preliminary at this point, and analysis of the daily data collected from the sky is being used to create a growing library of light patterns and blends.  This project serves as a proof-of-concept for a scalable work suitable to many installation situations both in galleries and the public art sphere.