Aperature is a content marketing tool for Pinterest used by brands. I got hired at Ahalogy in 2015 to help with the final version of this tool (there were three previous versions). Here are some of the parts of the app I got to lend a design hand with:

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Using data we can determine which pins will resonate with a brand's audience.

Aside from helping brands find content that will boost engagement for their audience. Aperture also increases efficiency with pin scheduler: an automated scheduler that uses an algorithm to find the best time for a pin to be posted.


Tags & Liftwords
Two cool features inside the scheduler are Tags & Liftwords. We tried to make the interactions for both of these features fun to provide engagement and enjoyment for the user (my background in games came in handy).

For Liftwords our data science team came up with a way to determine which words to use in the description to increase pin performance. Tags are a way for the user to track and measure batches of different pins inside of our analytics dashboard.

A big focus for me was designing the analytics dashboard for a brand's unique Jobs To Be Done. We used the framework of Jobs To Be Done to conduct research on what the brands would be hiring our tool to do. The research led us to building a tool that enables brands to drill into granular data and see how different sets of pins are performing.

Benchmarks & Motion
Another job we answered from our research interviews was--how does my brand compare with the industry?

While working on Insights I got to add some polish to the interactions with animation. Here's an interaction of the industry benchmark appearing on the time series. 

And here's an interaction detailing hover states over the time series.