An idea for a new possbile business I want to do: t-shirt design.
First collection is themed on the "Horror world" so from there the idea to call it The Horror Wear.
The idea was quiet easy for the branding... something easy, no a real symbol but a simple logo that bring to memory horror movies from '80.
Color choise was studied for some basic and most used t-shirt color. Starting from the classic white and black arriving to pink and lime.
First subject is based on the infamouse creature created by the artist I prefer, Mr. H. R. Giger. If you're asking who is him.... just think at Alien... ok now you know!
Subject number two is another must from horror movies... Jason from Friday 13 is the best choise for a white t-shirt.
Number three directly from Bioshock with the infamous Big Daddy.
Zombie style for the black one!
Directly from Texas chainsaw massacre the red t-shirt.
More design are up to come