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3D Rooms Project | Volume 1
Digital Art

3D Rooms Project
Series of iconic rooms illustrated in quarantine. These 3D illustrations are inspired by Arts, Literature, and Cinema. Available as free zoom backgrounds and desktop wallpapers.

Vincent Van Gogh's 
Bedroom in Arles

I felt Bedroom in Arles by Vincent Van Gogh would be the perfect room to start. I have a replica of the original painting right above my desktop screen at my studio. Staring at it routinely for the last year, it was naturally the first room that came to my mind. There is already so much written about this painting that I won't talk about how gorgeous it is. Although while researching I found this letter where Vincent describes the painting to his brother and that is where I took my inspiration for representing it in my style. Saturated colors and a little flat lighting so that it still looks like a painting. "Yellow Like Fresh Butter" is how he described the bed. 

Jerry’s Room from Tom and Jerry

Recently, I learned one of the directors Gene Deitch who revived Tom and Jerry Series passed away a few days ago and I thought it will be amazing to revisit the series and make Jerry's room.

The series has had a lot of studios over the years working on it so there was no particular iconic room that Jerry had like The Simpsons. Also, it makes sense for a mouse to keep shifting his room. But Jerry had a very noticeable taste and craftsmanship for all the rooms he had. So I combined a bunch of them and made my own variant.

A bed made of fish can and bottle caps, a lamp made of thread spools and thimble, and portraits of his loved ones. 

Cave With Aladdin's Lamp

"To Be Free. Such A Thing Would Be Greater Than All The Magic And All The Treasures In The World." — Genie

This quote stands true now more than ever. Aladdin is one of the most famous folklore out there. Calling the cave a room might feel like cheating but Genie was in lock down for 10,000 Years so his room deserves a shout-out.

There are 5132 gold coins in the scene. So the file was heavy, I could have faked it but what's the fun in that. It's a closed cave, so there was no natural source of light. I used the magical jewels and gold to lit up the scene and if you notice the color scheme of the scene is from the magic carpet. 


Michael Scott's Office — Dunder Mifflin

This ordinary office room is from a paper company called Dunder Mifflin. “There’s a lot of beauty in ordinary things. Isn’t that kind of the point?” I am wrapping up The Rooms Project with my favourite show of all times, The Office. Michael Scott's office room is the epicentre of everything that happens at Dunder Mifflin.

During the pandemic, while everyone is working from home with their families I am sure a lot of us are missing our work proximity associates (Ron Swanson Joke). The Office helps us find the beauty in mundane and I hope so does this artwork.

Mirror of Erised —A Room In Hogwarts

The Hogwarts room with my two favorite artifacts Mirror of Erised and Cloak of invisibility. I belong to the Harry Potter generation, I was the same age as Harry Potter when the first movie came out. I own an unhealthy amount of Harry Potter merchandise and books. So, getting to make something from Potterverse is a must.

I picked this particular room because it's not depicted a lot in fanart compare to other rooms and places. Mirror of Erised is stunning and possibly the only artifact that will help you understand yourself.

The window in this artwork helps to set the tone. It's night time but moonlight is at its peak and is beautifully lighting the room. The room itself has the least props out of all the artworks, only four if you are counting. I thought sparkling gold of the mirror against dark blue walls of Hogwarts will make a great color scheme. The candle adds a little bit of warmth to the composition because I wanted it to be inviting and not scary. 

Bilbo Baggin's Study — The Hobbit

Lord of The Rings and The Hobbit are synonyms to adventure. Whether you like the series or not, you can't deny you want to visit The Shire in Middle Earth. 

This room is Bilbo Baggin's study, where he writes There and Back Again: A Hobbit's Tale. It's a dream to quill down stories in a room full of books!

Murph's Room in Interstellar

There is something about space travel that really excites me, words like a voyage, pioneers, and exploration are all sources of great inspiration. An ordinary room representing space travel is a room I want to create.

Interstellar in my opinion is the best sci-fi movie out there and Murph's room where the movie starts and ends was a thrill to make.

One of the hardest bit of the composition was the color scheme. I took inspiration from the Tesseract in the movie and used a pallet of browns and golds to represent the room. There was a lot of detailing in the props and I made sure I get most of them in the artwork. Modeling all the props took quite a while and what props to focus on was a big challenge. There was a lot of space stuff so the bed, bed sheet color, and the headphone helped in making the viewer believe that a girl like Murph can exist in this space. I love books and this scene has 237 books in it. 

“I know what Morse code is Murph I just don't think your bookshelf is trying to talk to you.” — Cooper 

The Jetsons Living Room

The Jetsons reminds us of a nostalgic utopian future we all wanted to see. Now that we are so close to it, I thought why not make the Jetson's living room a part of The Rooms Project.

The hovering furniture, "The Menulator" creating any food you desire, and most importantly "Rosie The Robot Maid" someone we all want in are houses right now.
The aesthetics were quite fun to develop and with it came a sense of minimalism which one may or may not like. Fun fact, I watched 20 episodes as research for this artwork.

The Simpsons Living Room

Simpsons first aired in 1989 when I was born so it has been there for three decades. It's an institution and deserves a room in this series.
This one is the one with the least sense of adventure but I feel most of us are living the quarantine like Homer Simpson and that is not necessarily a bad thing as long as you stay inside.

There are a lot of references for this one, so I made sure I get all the props right. The light source is the television and it encompasses the entire living room. Look out for the donuts and Duff beer I wouldn’t mind some of it right now. 

They make fun Zoom Backgrounds and Wallpapers: Download Here!

3D Rooms Project | Volume 1

3D Rooms Project | Volume 1



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