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Hike For Healing Fundraiser
Nepal's environment •  Prayer wheels and primates
Moodboard to get the visual vibe
Typographical choices
Logo onto T-shirt application
Special thanks to the team for giving me Design critique to iterate the logo to be shipped to the website and T-shirt medium.

Stock Photo Credits: Tim van Kempen and Samrat Khadka

2020 Zoom Party Gala:
Celebrated hikers from Canada, the UK, South Africa, Nepal, Australia, and Japan for their courage and donors who donated.

This social impact will salary 3 counsellors, 3 teachers, rent, school meals, and families for a year.

Behind the Scenes:

Real-world Project

Role             Brand Storyteller, Visual Designer, and Graphic Designer
Team:          Steph - See above, Ashwin - Founder / SME, Dara - Coordinator, Ashley - SME / Volunteer, Jamie - Webmaster / Volunteer, plus other board members, and other volunteers
Duration:     2 week timeframe, July - August 2020

Hike For Healing Fundraiser


Hike For Healing Fundraiser

Fundraiser for Nepalese children