These are graphics created for two different 300ZX clubs.
Every year, the Z Car Club of America holds a convention in a different location in the US. In 2012, it was held in Phoenix, Arizona. A national online forum called often holds their own small event at the convention, and they like to have t-shirts to give their attending members. In 2012, they asked me to come up with a design. My challenge was to come up with something relevant to the location and to keep it in a style appealing to the culture. I also had to be true to the car, as the members are very picky about accuracy; being one of the members, I know how it is. The logo existed already, but that was the only element I had to work around.
Originally the plan was for the shirts to be red, and I got this far with that idea before the client decided the shirts would be white:

This went on the front "pocket" area of the shirt:
This was the final design for the back of the shirt:
The following graphics were created for the Z Car Club of Northern Virginia, which had an old logo that had been around for a long time and needed to be replaced. The design of this new logo was influenced by input from the members, as well as the same old historic BRE logo that inspired the original design, but it has a fresh feel that is more relevant today.
The image below was created as a possible T-shirt design, expanding on the design I worked up for the convention t-shirts: