In 2010 Samsung contracted with our agency to create new and innovative designs for their Dolfin brower on the then-new Bada platform. 
The design I created with my team removed the whole concept of "tabs" since they are too small and confusing for mobile handset scale devices. Since an interaction is already needed to reveal tab controls on every other mobile browser's window switching tool, we decided to use a totally different system once that is activated. 
A set of indicators and controls were attached to each "tab" (like the delete) visible instead of being under menus or requiring gestures only
And it's still being used. The Samsung overlay for the default Android browser includes several feature changes derived from the older work on their own browser. Including a very different tab switcher which is just a more standard evolution (e.g. pagination dots moved to the bottom, with numbers inside them) of the designs I led for them three years earlier. 
As Samsung continues to iterate on their designs, some versions of the Samsung skinned browser are changing more radically, but still keep some of the fundamental features, such as the close button shape and placement.