psychedelic orbit
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Client: Wrigley's Russia
Brand: Orbit
Project: Orbit Aqua Melon&Bilberry
Agency: BBDO Moscow

VO: Enjoying juicy melon to feel suddenly the taste of bilberry. New Orbit Aqua Melon with Bilberry: Clean teeth, juicy taste.

Client: Wrigley's Russia
Brand: Orbit
Project: Orbit Aqua
Agency: BBDO Moscow

Can't reach it? Hmm... Shall I help you? (watering) New Orbit Aqua with liquid center helps to clean teeth even in hard-to-reach places. New Orbit Aqua.
Doc: Welcome to the Planet of minerals! And where is the tooth?
Cintia: Tooth!
Junior: I did not know that teeth are so neededminerals!
Cintia: Tooth,but we have a new Orbit!
Doc's voice: Over time, tooth enamel is weakened. NewOrbit contains mineral complex and helps to strengthen your teeth.
Cintia: Orbit isfor  teeth and minerals are for girls.
Junior: Grandma! Raspberries!
Grandma: Grandson!
Junior: Mmmm! Tasty!
Grandma: Tasty!
Junior: …likeOrbit Raspberry.
Narrator: Orbit ripe raspberries is the tastiestprotection against cavities.
Grandma: What is it?..