Failed memory 3. -Eva, Gitta, Mr.Stein, Rudolph,Andrea
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    3rd collection of "Failed memories" this time iam getting closer to share more and more moments from my own family stories.
Eva's glamour
"One day she wasnt able to drink water anymore, just champagne. But from the bubbles which is highly consists in the chaimpgne she become paranoid."
Solid afternoon.
"These friends discussed Metaphysics all that afternoon, the discussion was too theoretical, so their memory was modified in a physical way."
Mr Stein's fear
"He was a solid, well situated simple man. He went to church every day, when it was necessary. But one day he realised that he has doubts. "
Samuels war.
"It was his war or her fiances war, doesnt matter right now, because he didnt come back anymore."
Gitta's broken past.
"This memory was recorded in the late 70s when Gitta found his second husband. She was a teacher and a nice person, but nobody knew her past. When his second husband figured out Gitta's past, he just escaped from the marriage. This image was the last memory from Gitta in his mind. As we see there are symmetrical distorsions on Gittas face, we can see all the characteristics of her face, but it is impossible to see her whole face."
Rudolph's moment.
"He was alone. Alone every day and every time. Not because he wasnt social, he just kept that day. One day he decided to create a portrait of his isolation. After he passed a way his old friends even cannot remember Rudolph's face, so his last memory changed that way."
Andrea and the failed voice.
" She was a jazz singer, really succesfull. A day her voice just gone, and she wasnt able to sing anymore. The noise of her lost voice modified that beautiful face."