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    Creation of limited edition packaging
Often limited editions are brought into existence for the sole reason of introducing new variants or new flavors. The reason for this is simple and can lead to two outcomes: either the product is a success and will be adopted in the permanent offer or it is a failure which is OK as well as it was a limited edition anyway.
In 2012 we convinced our client Mondelēz International that a limited edition is a great way to create a buzz around a brand or product and thus bring more brand awareness and also a higher shelf impact. The Easter Eggs 2012 edition we designed for Toblerone, Suchard Imagine and Milka did exactly that. And so we continued that initial success with a similar offer for the same 4 chocolate brands for Christmas. Just before the festive season Mondelēz International launched the Limited Edition Christmas Balls. Inspired by Scandinavian knitting patterns, we were able to create a distinctive pack for each brand that tells a full 360° story on pack due to the integration of smart design elements, such as side seam labels and size indicators on the backside. Several printed and online publications such as The Dieline (Christmas Balls ) picked up on them and the Christmas balls alone already brought an increase in volume sales by 8% compared to the year before, in an overall flat market.
For the Suchard brand we pushed it even a bit further.  In addition to the already sophisticated standard Prelude box, a more luxury version was designed for Christmas. And for the mother brand a limited edition box was created inspired by cozy Christmas market scenes, executed in bright red and metallic gold.