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    for Lone Wolf Magazine
The space that lies between the birth of life and the decay of death is given a new sense of existence through the visual and dramatic photography of Andrew Akimov. It is given meaning through the exquisite design of Elnura Badalova and Elena Petrova, and given life through the artistic application of make-up by Ola Komi, this shoot embodies the overwhelming realism and dramaticism that can be seen in fashion.
There are three distinct colours that run throughout this fashion shoot: red, black and white. Each colour has its own personal meaning and consequence to the viewer – bringing in the notions of neo-gothic fashion, and strengthening the dark sentiments of the traditional black attire through splashes and dashes of emotive colour.
The production design of Badalova and Petrova creates an ethereal sense that runs down the spine and into the heart of the viewer, make-up and hair by Komi is ingenious, with wisps of delicate blues and whites to create the lifeless beauty you see before you. 
Written by Chevaun Roux @fashionising.com