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A multifunctional lamp 
Personal Project
What is it? 
A lamp that enhances the surroundings, projecting specific reflections over the walls and ceiling. This type of accent light is intended to be used to add drama and style, while creating, or enhancing, a specific mood.

Type of lamp: Ambient, also known as torchiere or torch lamp. 
A specific kind where the lamp shade directs the light upwards. Often used as a decorative lamp.
How it works.
The light direction is channeled through the shape of the lamp upwards reflecting over the surroundings.
The lamp head is interchangeable in a variety of textures and shapes. Each head will create a specific reflection adding drama and style to any place of the house, office or wherever it will be placed.
Bottom - Lower part of the lamp, containing electronics and ports
Top - Other half which contains electronics and the light source
Caps - Changable caps to diffuse light into patterns and textures. Enhances the transition from task to ambient lamp
Electronics and Mechanical parts
Usb C port
Light source
Desk body
Floor structure body

The main character of this story is the head lamp: a small and portable source of light to carry with you, and place it anywhere in the room. 
The lamp is intended to work as a torch lamp, with the purpose of enhancing the atmosphere and mood in a room.

Complemented with the main two accessories, desk and floor stand, the use of Tris is as wide as it can be, covering many kind of lights: ambient, task and area.

Dock Station
The dock station is a magnetic object which snaps to the bottom of the lamp head. 
It is provided with an internal battery, as well as an Usb C port which can charge the dock, as well as the head lamp.

Desk Stand
The ideal companion for an head lamp, is indeed a stand. 
The desk stand offers the possibility to better direct the light beam coming from the head lamp.​​​​​​​
Simply placing the head lamp over the side holder, it will snap in position through the use of magnets inside the plate.

Floor Lamp
To complete the possibilities of a detachable head lamp, a secondary and very useful accessory is the floor stand.
This accessory expands even more the range of use of the head lamp, offering the user three solutions based on a single light source.

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