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Labyrinx - The art of a tabletop game

The art of a modern tabletop game
In the Rednerds Games team I was in charge of illustrations and graphic design of our first game, Labyrinx, a fantasy themed game that plays with Memory, Modular Board and Tile Placement mechanisms. We had a 271% successful crowdfunding and Labyrinx was launched by Redbox game publisher. In Labyrinx, Mythology, Mechanics and Art were just as important. The backstory has been largely influenced by the art. We have 12 characters in the basic box, with 8 more placed as goals released during the crowdfunding campaign. Each of them has a specific backstory and powers, which I tried to represent in the illustrations. We also chose to give them proper names, instead of the usual RPG archetypes like "warrior" and "wizard".
Labyrinx is not placed on a specific timeline. Not in our world, or in our reality. It has anachronistic elements.

In Labyrinx, players take control of characters with unique abilities who are exploring a dungeon, aiming to be the first to collect five treasures. In order to do that, they have to slay monsters, avoid traps, and open treasure chests. But beware! The tyrant who built this place to hide his treasures didn't spare efforts, making it a labyrinth imbued with magic, with paths that constantly change.
The mystic energies in Labyrinx expand it in response to each exploration attempt by the players, and after a few movements, a fog will cover the trail behind them, leaving only the memories and senses of those paying attention.
Challenge Labyrinx, if you dare!
Game design and Backstory: Daniel Braga, Thiago Matos
Art and Graphic Design: Renato Faccini
Manual, Backstory and production: Heitor Furtado
Prototyping and production: Nobuhiro Sudo
Development: João Menezes
Publisher: Redbox

Labyrinx - The art of a tabletop game

Labyrinx - The art of a tabletop game