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My Space
My Space was a first year uni project given to us. Our objective was to create an image that best reflected 'my space'. Places we had visited/lived, our home, places we visit regularly. I started compiling images that I thought would best reflect my space. By playing around with various images and compositions, this was my final outcome.
The middle image in the circle is a canvas picture in my room. I replicated the image multiple times to create the illusion.
The cities behind the circle are various buildings from cities I have visited combined with the wallpaper in my room. Cities in the skyline include Liverpool, New York and Wolverhampton, all cities which hold meaning to my life.
The background consists of the view from my bedroom window at 2 different points in the day. I mirrored the image so that it created a nice effect.
The subtitle for this piece is 'There are places I remember all my life' - (In My Life - The Beatles)