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Curly organic hair: we take several doubts from those
Curly organic hair: we take several doubts from those who want to invest
Have you ever heard of curly organic hair ? When we read it, we have the impression that these are hair extensions made with natural hair, however, this type of application is made from a biovegetable fiber, which makes the appearance even more natural. The organic hair curling is very suitable for those who are in transition or both, simply take a look changed in a practical way and without damaging natural yarns. To get additional details, view here: best shampoo for weaves

Curly Hair Types

When we talk about curly organic hair , it makes it look like everything is encompassed in one type and that just go to the store and say that you will get the perfect hair for you. But we know that it is not so, right? In addition to thinking about hair color, which can be changed later, we have to analyze the texture of the hair better.

Type 3A - Spiral-shaped, curls open and well spaced. Usually curly hair with easy volume to control;

Type 3B - Clusters well defined and that start very close to the root;

Type 3C - Small curls that extend from the roots to the ends of the hair. It is curly hair with a lot of volume;

Type 4A - Defined curls, very small and with a lot of volume. Many of the curls are intertwined;

Type 4B - Many small bunches, with little definition, that intertwine very easily and shrink 75% when dry;

Type 4C - Frizzy to the extreme and dense threads, which form bunches in only a few parts.

How to wash curly organic hair?

The organic curly hair should not be washed every day, but weekly. If you use the weave method (root braid in the sewn hair) wash your hair with cold water, try to use shampoo and conditioner that you already use normally and remember to avoid alcohol-based products. If you have opted for curly organic hair stuck with tic tacs , just wash it with shampoo and let it soak for 10 minutes in a mixture of moisturizing mask and a teaspoon of fabric softener. Then just wash and let it dry.

If you are a fan of curly organic hair, you may notice that, over time , the strands may start to thicken a little, making them look rougher to the touch. Know that this is normal and happens with all types of organic hair. The good part is that you can fix it.

To solve this, just apply a drop or two of liquid glycerin on the strands. It is also possible to apply the tip repairer, but beware of overdoing it.

In straight organic hair, it is recommended to seal this treatment using the flat iron, but in the case of curly organic hair, you can use the dryer to activate the product a little through heat.

Can I do a complete treatment for curly organic hair?

The organic curly hair can and should receive a full treatment, as this is what will make not only to the duration of the applied extends, as well as the wires are kept healthy - looking, shiny and soft.

As we said earlier, the frequency of washing should be once a week . You can use shampoo and condition normally, okay? To make organic curly hair even more aligned, invest in a moisturizing mask while washing.

Can I use heat tools on curly organic hair?

One of the great advantages of curly organic hair is that it is possible to use heat tools, such as flat iron, dryer, babyliss and diffuser. With this type of fiber you are totally free to arrange your wires the way you prefer and, therefore, what awaits you is an infinity of possibilities for looks and a lot of freedom to use your creativity.

Curly organic hair: we take several doubts from those

Curly organic hair: we take several doubts from those


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