SupraPlus Headset | Plantronics | 2004
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    The Supra Plus headsets are a high-end line of telecommunication headsets intended for the call center, office and aviation industries.
Supra Plus Headset Plantronics, 2004
Designed by Gerry Skulley at Plantronics with Worrell Design in Minneapolis, the Supra Plus headset was designed to update the original Supra headset, the company's top selling corded B2B headset. The engineering challenges were to preserve the proposed ID; meet aggressive cost targets; and achieve the stringent Plantronics best-in-class quality standards.

The Supra Plus family includes voice tube / noise cancelling microphone, monaural / binaural variants.

A telecom workhorse - the original Supra headset: minimum part count, proven day-long comfort, and extreme durability. The bar was set high for the Supra Plus to meet and exceed these marks.

Through intense collaboration between all team disciplines, we designed, engineered and sourced a headset that achieved goals of feature set, quality and cost.

As part of perfecting the acoustical Rx (receiver) design, modal analysis was performed in ProMechanica to minimize undesirable resonant vibrations.

Supra Plus has proven to be a highly esteemed and trustworthy product line in the call center, office and aviation communication markets.


Industrial Design Gerry Skulley, Plantronics
Worrell Design, Minneapolis

Acoustical Engineering
Osman Isvan

Electrical Engineering
Ching Shyu

Surface Design
Roman Duran
Gary Brint

Mechanical Engineering
Jeff Stram
Andy Richardson
Roman Duran Gary Brint