Initial Idea:
This is the second watch concept I have developed.  I wanted to produce a different aesthetic as there are so many watches out there that are either square or round.  Again, this watch has an innovative strap mechanism and adds functionality by being able to sync with a tablet.  I purposely chose not to include internet connection, because the face is too small to be usable. Please watch the video (best viewed in HD) to see the functionality:
To put the watch on, you twist it open, slide it on to your wrist and twist it closed.
Following publishing the above concept, I received good feedback from various sources. People wanted the aesthetics to be sharper and for the closing mechanism to be much less bulky.  So I redesigned the watch and focused on making the model as slim as possible. Please watch the video:
Further work on the strap adjustment mechanism now makes it easy to not only adjust the fit of a strap, but also quickly change or replace it without having to take the watch to a jewellers.