When I look at my watch I'm not interested in what the time is, just how long I have left, until my next meeting, or lunch time, or when I have to meet friends etc.  So I started designing a series of watch concepts based around the idea that they could sync with a calendar,on a tablet, to tell you not only the current time but also a count down to your next event.  This of course could be turned off as I know it won't suit everyone.  The idea and an explanation of my design process can be seen in the video below (best viewed in HD):
I also developed a way of putting the watch on the wrist (explained in the video).  I can't find evidence that its been done before, but if anyone has seen it, please let me know.
This watch concept (below) deals with the problem of having a usable large screen, but not being able to get a watch under your shirt cuff.  The watch is mounted to the strap on one side, so the shirt cuff can slip under it allowing the watch to be a fashion statement as its always on display.  The strap is made from stainless steel mesh.