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"Scotland travel" illustration & UI design

I'm passionate about art, design but also travel. I don't have the opportunity to travel often... This year I thought I would realize my dream to do a road trip in Scotland. I wished to discover the beautiful and relaxing landscapes of Highlands, but I couldn't. As this travel project is important for me, I chose to explore a typical landscape of the country.

Below, you'll discover that this project brings together several of my interests area: illustration, web design, travel, decoration.
After some research, I found a famous landscape of Highlands. It is the small Eilean Donan island, mainly occupied by a fortified castle which connects it by a stone bridge to Great Britain.

When I began the illustration on Procreate, I created a cold color palette that matches the atmosphere of Scotland. I used some brush effects to give matter and relief to the illustration. The blue of the mountains gives a feeling of distance and mist, accentuated with the sky and the loch in a Gaussian blur gradient.

Just one sentence to summarize:
We don’t travel to Scotland for the weather, we travel to Scotland for the scenery.
I’m a web designer before all, who like the diversity of my creative job. 🤍 
So I wanted to create a landing page of travel website.

This page has also lot of sense for me because with this trip I was supposed to take the plane for the first time. In the section "Book a flight", I put exactly the dates of the initial trip. I only changed the year (2020 instead 2021). I don’t know if I’ll be leaving on the same date, probably not. Just I hope to go there in 2021.
Web styles colors are located on the same chromatic circle than the illustration with purple gradients. Fonts used are easily readable with subtle and vaporous effects on the characters reminding the general ambience of the place.
Finally, I created a poster with my illustration. I really like this type of realization to transcribe the atmosphere of a place through a decorative object. So I think I will continue to do more for my most memorable trips.​​​​​​​
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"Scotland travel" illustration & UI design

"Scotland travel" illustration & UI design

Personal project of illustration and web design based on an expected trip.