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    Digital Camera : Hommage for BRAUN Understand a design of BRAUN, and design a new generation product with BRAUN's design DNA of 1950's.
Retro Design & Company study
As a designer, understanding about the design DNA of the company is one of the most important part of design I suppose. when i was thrid grade of the university, I was falling in love with 1950's style of BRAUN. so I would like to create a new generation of 1950s~1970s BRAUN's design DNA as a product. 

(Digital Camera Hommage for Dieter Rams.)
Period: 2010.03. ~ 06. (Third grade)
A digital camera:
Design basic in retro style. 
Camera hommage for BRAUN in 1975
Less and More - Dieter Rams
Design points
Divide two tone by materials + one point by orange color + simple ray out + usability + small R value