2nd international type design workshop
(previously: tipoRenesansa)
6th–13th February 2011, Trenta, Slovenia

mentor: Tomato Košir, comentor: Aljaž Vindiš
Our second international workshop dealt mainly with bodytext typefaces. 12 participants of all levels of expertise from Austria, Romania and Slovenia worked for a week in sublime Trenta Valley. Trenta gave us great view, sunny weather, and took all disturbing internet access from us. Chief Klemen from Culinary Studio spoiled us with food, and Marko Drpić demonstrated basic letterpress techniques, plus he took us on a field trip to Kluže, to see an interesting typographic monument. Our results will be presented in end of August 2011 as a part of 2nd Festival of Letters, Ljubljana.
If you are interested into participating on our 3rd workshop that will take place in Ljubljana from 28th of August to 3rd of September, send a mail to tomato@tomatokosir.com or contact us via Behance personal messages.
Aljaž Vesel, Emsley
continued work from TipoBrda workshop
Aljaž Vindiš, Tribunal
continued work from previous workshop
Aljaž Vindiš, Tribunal Italic
Anže Veršnik, Štajn Italic
continued work from previous workshop
Diana Ovezea, Marge
Jure Kožuh, Stat
comentor: Ermin Međedović
Jure Martinec, La Farmacia
continued work from previous workshop
Katarina Medić, Sofia
Marianne Riegelnegg, Janis
Teja Smrekar, Arkadia
continued work from previous workshop
Theresa Radlingmaier, Universia Sans
Tomato Košir, Rastignac
continued work from previous workshop
Verena Manyet, Bastard

photos by: Theresa Radlingmaier, Marko Drpić, Jure Kožuh & Tomato Košir
2nd international type design workshop, 2011