Cloaked in midnight black, ever-present, seldom seen, The Empiric resides amid the twisted cedars of temperate West Coast rain forests. Ruled by ritual, The Empiric gathers strength from the spirits, invoking darkness to expose light. A bearer of natural magic and harbinger of deeply shrouded secrets, The Empiric is a menacing beauty, bringing clarity only to those who are truly worthy. Decades of knowledge and practice collide, exploding into a spirit that tastes like no other, an ethereal blend of the finest West Coast herbs and botanicals.
Darkness Will Bring Light.
Embossing Plate
Close-up of the embossing plate.
Foil die for the gold foil on this label.
Foil die for the black foil on this label.
Featured on the cover of the April 2014 issue of Package Design Magazine. See more info here: