AME High
This was the first mock up of the website for the client. After my interpretation of what the client wanted (close up plane shots, plane metal and rivets) and some other choices created by the design team It was determined that the client wanted a more aged airplane and "riveted metal and bolts look and feel". 
This is a mock up I creted for Ame High. I tried to incorporate what the client was looking for into the background while trying to keep it somewhat muted and monochromatic for a more aged feel and so the "bolt and rivet" effect wouldn't deter users from the main content and links.
This version is a collaboration and integration of my previous design with elements of another. The client wanted to import the metal plate from their previous design for a more "rivited look" and wanted "3d buttons/links". The plate was used in the contact form and the "3d buttons can be seein in  the designs".