Esanda – The Car finance match-makers
With the idea of taking Esanda, the biggest car finance dealer in Australia, from being finance to freedom focused.From a manual, static, restricted brand to a more automatic, mobile and liberated brand.

This identity provides Esanda dealers with new tools to promote the brand in a more dynamic way, breaking out of the conventions of finance.

This isn’t about numbers, calculators and hand shakes. It’s about uniting a car with an owner. Bringing some personality to the process, creating an emotional, rather than a rational, solution.

In other words:
We don’t just provide car finance.
We unite cars with owners.
We are match-makers.

Conceptual work only. Created at Interbrand Melbourne.

Creative direction: Jake Smallman
Copywriting: Jake SmallmanJohn Kerswell and Joao Peres
Design: Joao Peres
Illustration: Joao Peres