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Porsche Sportscar Together Day Moscow
Porsche Sportscar Together Day Moscow

Today, the very word "Porsche" is pretty much a synonym for motorsport. It is a special ideology and a distinctive unique approach to design. 70 years ago, Ferdinand Porsche, a designer himself, laid the foundation for the brand's DNA and expressed the brand's core values. On June 8, 1948, Porsche 356 "No. 1" Roadster kicked up the road dust for the first time.

Porsche Sportscar Together Day is an international festival and a tribute to a significant event — the launch date of the very first Porsche car. It was held in Russia in September 2019. At the Moscow Raceway, Porsche enthusiasts opened the racing season, witnessed the premiere of the new 911 and Cayenne Coupé, celebrated the 5th anniversary of the Porsche Experience Center, soaked up the sports atmosphere and spirit, and marked the road with their brake tracks.
The main challenge of this project was, first and foremost, to work on the brand’s field, combining different branches of visual communication of Cayenne Coupé, 911, Sportscar Together Day, and Porshe Motorsport. Using a minimal amount of graphic tools, we created the identity for the festival, POSM design, staff uniforms, interior and exterior design of the location, and cars.

Idea. As a starting point, we used the cult of sports aesthetics and notable design techniques that have already become somewhat of a fetish in the Motorsport fans world. We thought, what if we designed a badge, a track map, a garage box, and staff hoodies as if we were creating a sports car wrap? That is why all the materials have a single principle in their core. It is fully revealed in the key visual where the new Cayenne Coupé is wrapped in the signature graphics of a festival just like a race car would be.

Erohnovich Roma, art-direction, design
​​​​​​​Paul Saksin, design
Ilya Klimov, 3d, motion graphics
Music: rovoq sound, Nikolay Zaslavsky & Sergey Egorov
Typeface used: Porsche Next

Created in prostorcrew​​​​​​​ for porsche by whomakesit.

Porsche Sportscar Together Day Moscow