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Zujal Free Vector Font
The idea was to convert my handwriting to a digital form, the kind of legible technic-like text you would use on post packages for example. So it has round endings because of the fact that I usually use a round pen for that purpose. 
There are a lot of handwritten or comic like fonts out there, but I found that they always have one or more very recognizable specific glyph which looks unnatural when repeated in custom text. And you have to outline the text first and than manipulate with shapes, which i didn't found very practical. So I have decided to draw a hybrid: a handwritten technic font, and to keep it in
linear state so that I could easily make specific tweaks somewhere in the text (not everywhere). 
Why vector font?
Although it is not intended for situations where there is a lot of text, a vector font is much more flexible, and there are many advantages (see the "A few tips" note inside the pack). Most importantly, you can set any text weight by setting a line stroke, you can easily skew it for a custom angle, you can apply brushes, etc. 
What's inside
There are four layers in the vector file:
-Base (Regular)
-Tight Outline
-Loose Outline

*shadows can be easily made by copying and manipulating the base layer. 
Besides the regular usage of the contents of this vector font file, you can also use it as a starting point for your creative journey. In the examples below you can see some of my ideas. All the text in these specimens was made using this vector font. Hope you like it, and I hope it will be useful for you! Have fun :) Cheers!
The font is free for personal  and commercial use! (For further details please check Licence text file inside download pack)
(Enter $0 to get Zujal for free! Any amount above that is highly appreciated, thanks!)

Please do not post this content directly on your site. You are more than welcome to link to it however. For any further information you can contact me via, thanks!
Zujal Free Vector Font
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Igor Petrovic