Sir Edmund Hillary - New Zealand explorer and mountaineer, together with Tensing Norgeem first conquered Everest (29 May 1953). Honorary citizen of Nepal. Crossed the Antarctic, reaching both poles.
Tenzing Norgay - a Nepalese Sherpa, mountaineer. Together with Edmund Hillary, first stepped onto the summit of Everest.. In 1954 he created the Himalayan Mountaineering Institute (HMI)
Reinhold Messner  - Italian mountaineer, first man had conquered all 14 eight thousand. When he reached the last eight-(Lhotse), after it was conquered more than 3000 peaks, about 100 first ascents, 24 expeditions on the highest mountain in the world, a number of unique solo ascents. After the mountains, Messner has crossed Antarctica, Greenland, the Taklamakan desert in China, reached the North and the South Pole ...
Yuri Gagarin - Soviet cosmonaut, Hero of the Soviet Union, Colonel. He served in the fighter aircraft parts of Redflag Northern fleet. For the first time in the world on april 12, 1961 Yuri Gagarin flew into space on a spaceship-satellite “East”. Gagarin orbited the globe for 1 h 48 min and returned safely to Earth. Died tragically in a plane crash performing a training flight in an airplane.
James Cook - British military sailor, explorer, mapmaker and a pioneer, a member of the Royal Society and captain of the Royal Navy. He headed three expeditions to study the oceans, they were all round the world. During these expeditions, made a number of geographical discoveries. He made a revolution in navigation, successfully learning to deal with a dangerous disease scurvy.
Neil Alden Armstrong - pilot-cosmonaut of the U.S., Navy officer. March 16, 1966 flew into space (with D. Scott) as the commander of the spacecraft "Gemini-8". 16-24 July 1969 made a historic first mission to the moon with E. Aldrin and Collins in the lunar mission Apollo 11.  The first earthling who step on the moon (July 21, 1969).
Roald Amundsen Engelbert Gravning  - Norwegian polar explorer and scholar. The first person who has reached the South Pole (Dec. 14, 1911). The first man, along with Oscar Vistingom, who visited both geographical poles of the planet. The first researcher who has made the sea passage in the direction of the North-east (along the coast of Siberia) and North-western sea way.