A short sting created to promote the 2013 Brighton Digital Festival. The sting is designed to play before events and to promote the festival online.
The Brighton Digital Festival is a celebration of digital culture that runs through September. It’s a grass roots festival with each event run by different people in locations throughout the city. Events cover; live projections, hack workshops, installations, film screenings, QR treasure hunts, digital games. All based around the ideas of digital art.
This years logo was designed by by the brilliant Bryan Kidd. We loved Bryan’s rational behind the logo, the 6 connected circles, each one representing a different event or theme from the festival, and this informed our ident.
It would have be impossible to cover all aspects of this amazing festival in 15 seconds, so instead we concentrated on 3 core topics.
The first circle, with its geometric shapes, reminiscent of generative art, represents the interactive side of the festival. All the amazing creative code-based art and installations littered throughout the month. 
The second circle, a little looser and rougher, represents media artists. Everything  from projected film to installations and gallery spaces.
The final circle is more physical, and showcases the makers and builders. The meeting, teaching and learning that is such an important part of Brighton Digital Festival. 
Client: Brighton Digital Festival 
Animation: Persistent Peril
Music: Matt Davison
Branding: Bryan Kidd