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Brise (Furniture + Fan)
Industrial Design
Project Furniture + Fan

It is an important issue to reduce the use of air conditioner because of the climate change
So, it starts with simple thought, "Why don't we use fans?".
Many fans are unused after summer.

When I saw the dusty fan standing in my room, I wanted to get rid of it because it is not appropriate for the unused machinery to spoil the space. However, I had to keep it for the summer, and this is why I designed furniture + fan.

Styling was inspired by brisé which is bending movement of ballet. I wanted its beautiful curve to be functional as well as look aesthetic.

The propeller is simply laid down because of the thought that the directional wind from it hits the curved surface of the top plate, breaking the vortex, and spreading out in all directions. So, I checked my hypothesis through the CFD simulation and tried to find the most effective curved surface and structure.

CFD Simulation
Analysis of airflow velocity scalar in (tangential direction / normal direction / all direction) – Autodesk CFD 2019

Existing fans create a strong directional wind, which can cause dizziness when washed for a long time. The wind from Brise is soft and weak, but it spreads out in all direction, so you can feel a good coolness for a long time even after turning down the air conditioner.

Based on the analysis, working prototype was made. Especially, I had to reach a compromise because the support of the upper plate had to sustain the weight and the air flow had to be smooth at the same time. The table legs also had to have enough space to draw air from the fans while trying to find aesthetic proportions.

Although it is a machine, I wanted it to look like a piece of furniture. Also, I'd like to emphasize that it exists even if it doesn't work and just stands.

The fan is a part of daily life.

When you can't open your windows due to fine dust or virus, you may want to get some breeze. Also, there are times when you want to take a fan out of the garage to dry the laundry rapidly. In any season, there are moments when fans are needed, even though it isn't hot.

After summer, many fans stay in the garage or simply occupy our space and do nothing. Brise tries to combine a table and a fan in one, in this way, during summer, you can still use this table and enjoy cool breeze. When summer ends, the furniture would still functional wherever you place it.

Award Winning 

Red Dot Design Award 
2020 Winner (Design Concept - Home Furniture)

2020 Silver (Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design)

2020 Platinum (Spring Student Design - Product & Industrial)

2020 Winner (Industrial)

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Brise (Furniture + Fan)

Brise (Furniture + Fan)