Project | Chatman

Chatman is a design exploration of social networking application. Maintaining the minimalistic aspect, I have included a chat symbol to the negative space.

Project | Hide'N

Hide'N is a Web Traffic Analyser that does multi-device market intelligence to understand, track, and grow the digital market share. In this logo, I have included the 'H' and 'N' letters of the Brand name and the horizontal line of 'H' has been presented in the form of 2 arrows, indicating the entry-exit flow of visitors browsing the web.

Project | Call Taxi

Call Taxi is a Company that provides Taxi services on-call basis. Here I've conceptualised a Telephone + Car elements to form the logo.

Project | Flame

Flame is a Gas Agency. The very purpose of gas is to light the fire and in its logo as well, I have implemented an element of fire through the letter 'A' of its typography.

Project | Health Habits

Healthy Habits is a Wellness Company that provides health and wellness services to the people. In this logo, I have used the 2 primary letters 'H' of the Brand name and to indicate the business activity relating to the field of medicine, there is a 'cross' icon in the negative space inspired from the Internationally
recognized medical symbol of the red cross.

Project | Swap

Swap means to interchange and the Company deals with sending and receiving couriers. What more could represent the send/receive activity of the business other than the forward and backward arrows? Just a minimal representation of to and fro movements

Project | Star Drop

This one is a DJ Company organizing parties and DJ nights. So just like how a dancer sparkles like a star, I have represented the logo by an abstract star icon and a dewdrop symbol syncing with the name.

Project | Sona & Titan

As the name goes, the client trades in Jewellery, to represent which I had chosen the 'diamond' symbol, a mark of luxury, class, elegance, and purity. Placing 2 diamond shapes I further developed letters 'S' and 'T' derived from the primary letters of the Brand name 'Sona & Titan'.

Project | Zing Verse

ZingVerse is an online application providing English coaching to students across the globe. Here, I have incorporated the symbol of quotation i.e inverted commas + symbol of Energy/Power in the negative space, thereby emphasizing the powerful communication skills that the App aims to deliver.

Project |

I think the picture says it all. Syncing with the name of this Chicken stall, here's the head of a chicken and number '9' in the negative space.

Ping me if you have any new design challenges up for me

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