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2020_07 Designer's Iconic Chairs
Designer's Iconic Chairs
Street H_2020.7_Vol.134

In the beginning, the human race would have rested on a tree or stone when tired of hunting. Gradually wisdom developed and began to make objects for rest using tools, and this would have evolved into a modern chair. Many of the chairs made in the modern era are excellent works and remain in history. The chairs with both value and meaning were collected and made into an infographic poster.


태초의 인류는 사냥에 지치면 나무나 돌에 몸을 기대고 쉬었다. 점차 문명이 발달하며 쉼을 위한 물건을 만들기 시작했을 것이다.
이것이 현대 의자 형태로 발전했고 그중 근대에 만들어진 의자들은 훌륭한 작품으로써 디자인 역사에 남아 있는 것들이 많다.
기능과 디자인적 가치를 동시에 지닌 의자들을 모아 인포그래픽으로 제작했다

Sung-Hwan Jang
Current 203 X Design Studio CEO | He worked as an editorial designer in <Reader's Digest>, 'Yonhap News' Graphic News Team, <Weekly Dong-a>, <Science Dong-a> and established the 203 X Design Studio in 2003 in front of Hongik University. Since then, he has been publishing a neighborhood magazine <Street H>, which records the events around Hongik University in 2009, He founded the Infographic Lab 203 in 2012 and hosted the Infographic Group Exhibition at YOON DesignLab Gallery.

This poster can be purchased at the following sites.
Price: 12,000(KRW)
Paper: Rendezvous 130g(500 X 700mm)

이 포스터는 아래 사이트에서 구매할 수 있습니다.
가격: 12,000원
종이: 랑데뷰 130g(500 X 700mm)
2020_07 Designer's Iconic Chairs