CELLOPHANE Magazine, issue #2 : In Tension

CELLOPHANE is an independent & student-led magazine.

Designed by students from Designskolen Kolding, the magazine transmits
a critical voice and experimental approach, creating an alternative
to publications produced by the institution.

CELLOPHANE represents the values of transparency & diversity in thoughts and contents. 
The second issue of CELLOPHANE was released in June 2019 entitled “In Tension.”
In this issue the addressed themes are all held together by the idea of a growing tension in our age;
a tension we can find in the political, artistic, social and technological fields.

Finding a cross-thematic title that reflects the “zeitgeist” is fundamental
to constantly connect CELLOPHANE to the times we live in. 

CELLOPHANE Magazine therefore creates a platform for exploring
& displaying the potential of today’s design youth.

CELLOPHANE Magazine, issue #2 : In Tension