Eye For Travel
iPad Application Proposal
Interactive Design brief to design the purpose, aesthetics and functionality of an iPad application based around travelling. Working in a group with Josh Gowen and Jessie McKay, we came up with three main areas we wanted our app to cover. There is a simple click-through example of how the app would work here.

The first was the aesthetics; we didn't want it to look like other dull travel applications, so we based it on information graphics, with the repeated shape of a circle broken into segments. The user would navigate these menus by tapping the screen and dragging their finger around to find the area they wanted.

We offset the clinical look of these information graphics by creating the element of the eye. Based around the idea that everyone's journeys and travels are different (resulting in different things being in the app) we added a more personal touch by having an opening splash screen of an eye as you open the app. This eye changed colour to suit the type of traveller you are, resulting from the amount of pictures, videos and text entries you have.
The second element was the My Diary feature, which allows you to collect your photographs, videos and diary entries in one place automatically as you travel, placing them in a intuitive, chronological diary wheel.
The final feature we wanted to include was the 'Local View', which is a review system where local people can recommend their favorite places to travellers to allow them to experience life in a new place authentically, and not just visiting the tourist hot-spots.