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  • Dreamer - Goverdose VVinners
    Project created for Polish Art Collective - Goverdose. This work was presented in Warsaw 15-31 August in The Institute of National Remembrance.

    The main idea of the VVINNERS project is the creation of the unique compilation of Polish victories, that became legendary and are inspiration for next generations of Poles. In the project we avoid touching on the martyrological topics. On the contrary, we focus on the promotion of numerous Polish victories, suggesting at the same time that they are still possible nowadays – just as they were in the past. We show Poland as a country of winners - brave and fearless people for whom freedom has always been a top priority - just like for the Spartans.
    This work presents polish composer - Jan A.P. Kaczmarek, Oscar winner in 2005.
          Jan A.P. Kaczmarek is, next to Janusz Kaminski, another Polish artist who gained recognition in Hollywood. He is an eminent composer. He gradually evolved in the direction of a film score composer, expending his music horizons and composing new scores for such films as: “Total Eclipse”, “Bliss”, “Washington Square”, „Aimée & Jaguar”, “The Third Miracle”, “Lost Souls” or “Quo Vadis”. He succeeded in evoking emotions among the audience by illustrating in a unique way the spiritual experiences of the film characters. One of the most recent works written by Kaczmarek is the score for “Unfaithful”, which is already considered as one of greatest soundtracks composed recently.  
  • Photos from the exhibition at the Institute of National Remembrance:
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