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This is a small but significant chapter in the life of my mum, Di.  In 2012 she was diagnosed with cancer for the second time in her life - breast cancer over 15 years ago - this time, colon.  Thankfully this type of cancer has a high success rate and although her operation was no exception her body, which is also laden with rheumatoid arthritis, had a hard time recovering and she was in the hospital for over two months.... a local record.  Despite this, we all felt lucky that everything was ok, however even the 'simplest' cancer takes its toll and added to the situation was the continual pain she felt from her arthritis.  To say my mum is a trooper is an understatement.  She is also a strong, beautiful, kind, funny and inspirational lady to boot and a good friend to many - her room was a boudoir of flowers and cards.  However, when she finally left I knew her fear at the thought of dealing with everything away from the doctors and nurses - chemo, wounds, painkillers etc - and it was a vulnerable time.  Interwoven into the story is my dad, Dan, who at 69 still works around the clock but who was with her, somehow, every day, working tirelessly on his laptop and blackberry inbetween hospital teas and takeaways.  It was an emotional but special time, and is in a way their story together.