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    This is the Australian Coastwatch Program reconfiguring a Dash 8 for Coastal Patrol along the very long coast of Australia. The program was desig… Read More
    This is the Australian Coastwatch Program reconfiguring a Dash 8 for Coastal Patrol along the very long coast of Australia. The program was designed and manufactured within budget and on time deeming it a complete success. The Australian Government concluded with the ordering of 3 more aircraft to add to there fleet of surveillance aircraft. Read Less

As the Senior Designer and Design Verification Lead for the Australian Coastwatch Program I was responsible for the design of the LHS Communications Console (as shown) and the RHS Radar Console from concept through to completion. This included the layout of Electronics, Wire Routing, Cabinet Cooling, ensuring Ergonomic Comfort and the Installation into the Dash 8 Aircraft. I was also responsible for the mentoring of junior engineers as well as checking their supporting detail drawings. I was responsible for all Manufacturing - Production Liaison, Trouble Shooting and Corrective Actions to ensure a smooth installation into the Aircraft. All drawings complete for mass production for the following 3 aircraft.

See below the Manufactured LHS Communication Console and RHS Radar Console  pictures.
As shown on the belly of the Australian Coastwatch Aircraft I was responsible for the Radome Design from concept through to completion covering the Radar Antenna with a swept volume of 3.5 ft making the Radome 10.5 ft in length X 4 ft wide X 33.5 inches deep. The Radome material was Carbon Fiber Composite and a clear rear window and small light installed. Test Flights proved the prototype Radome Aerodynamics to be a success with no additional vibration or revision to the Design. I was the Senior Design Checker that checked the FLIR Camera Installation and Radar Antenna Installation.

See Below for Actual pictures of my Radome Design.
I was also responsible for the Inverter Black Box, Transmitter Black Box and Receiver Exciter Black Box Installations under the floor on Centerline of Aircraft. I designed the installation relocation of the ADF 1 and 2 Antennas, Rad Alt 1 as well as the VHF Comm Antenna. Flight Deck equipment added as well - Control Display Unit (CDI), HF1 Control Head, HF Status Annunciator, Data Transfer Unit (DTU) and 3 Audio Amplifiers located at Jump Seat, Pilot and Co-Pilot Panels.
The above pictures are my Design of the LHS Communication and RHS Radar Console from concept through to completion. 

1) The Top LHS and Center pictures are the manufactured Communications Console. As shown complete above in first picture of presentation.
2) The Bottom LHS is the Rear View of the Communication Console and layout of the Internal Electrical Equipment.
3) The Top RHS and Lower RHS pictures are the manufactured Radar Console showing the start of the conceptual layout of Electronic Equipment. 
4) I designed the front face Instrument Panels and Installation of Control Heads and Switches.
5) Also designed the Portable Laptop Securing.
The above pictures of the Radome is my Design from Concept through to Completion.

I designed this Radome covering the Radar Antenna with a swept volume of 3.5 ft, making this Carbon Fiber Radome 10.5ft long x 4ft wide x 33.5 inches deep at deepest sidewall location. 
Australian Coastwatch Coastal Patrol alive and well today in Australia.
Written by Tim Douglas, Manager of the Australian Coastwatch Program Engineering Design. Tim is now retired. See below the C130 Hercules Experimental SATCOM Installation.
As mentioned in the above Letter of Reference here is the Experimental SATCOM Installation and associated Equipment on the C130 Hercules Aircraft for Canada Dept of Defense (DND) I was Senior Designer and On-Site Installation Support at Trenton AFB. As shown on top of the Aircraft the Black Top-hat Radome Installation, Handsets and Blackbox Installations located in the Fwd Cabin. Also provided the location and size of hole cutouts in aircraft skin inside the Radome for Electrical Intercabling using Pressure Bulkhead Connectors.