An interactive book to display experimental 
artist books created by students at
The Cooper Union, School of Art, New York City
As the name tells, the book in motion is not only displaying all kinds
of different book projects, but should also be a book itself. The design takes
name quite literally and aims to let the user feel as if fliping the
pages of 
a book. But while resembling a book, it still takes full advantage
of its
 non-pysical existence and modern web technologies. This allows
the pages to spread out evenly to allow an easy overview over chapters and
 transfroms the book in motion from a foliant on the desktop 
to a pocket book on the smart phone.
There is no conventional main navigation. Inspired by the physical
book the 
next and previous pages can be access on the left and right hand 
side of the screen. To still be able to find a certain project quickly,
the projects are categorized by 
chapters. Each chapter is represented
by a
divider between the pages. When clicking on one of these dividers one
gets an overview ofall 
projects within this chapter.
The book in motion is fully responsive from larger screens down to
a mobile version without JavaScript
Gracefull degradation without JavaScript
And also even though the design relies heavily on JavaScript it degrades
gracefully if JavaScript is not available. Here the mobile vers
Created: Spring 2011