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McDonald’s Goodness Park

3D Motion
After Effects

McDonald's Indonesia launches a new Happy Meal menu which features a refreshed menu that is under 600 calories. We worked closely together with Director Rajay Singh from DTT and Flock Creative Network to come up with this surreal animated spot. This spot features a mother and son duo transforming into animated characters and enters the world of Happy Meal, interacting with the lush ingredients that made up the new menu. 

Client : McDonald's Indonesia

Production : Directors Think Tank Indonesia

Director : Rajay Singh & Nicholas Lai
Executive Producer: Era Rahman
Creative Producer : Nicholas Lai
Animation Director : Mchenn Lim
Art Director : KK Lai 
FX & Technical Director : Jiun Hao Cheng
3D Modeling : Chun Hoe Lee / Wei Seong / Vincent Lee
Animators : Chun Hoe Lee / Wendy Tsen / Evalayn Chan / Leaf Yws
3D Rigging : Chia Kia Liam
Digital Compositing : KK Lai / Mchenn Lim
Concept Art : MChenn Lim / Jarold Sng

Music Composition & Sound Design : Two Am Music Global

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