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    Handmade, exploratory and experimental flyer designs for #scribbleAKL.
#scribbleAKL is a weekly creative conversations forum in Auckland, New Zealand where thinkers, creatives and critiquers come together to share ideas and give feedback. A new flyer is made every week and always by hand then photographed or scanned. Over 80 have been created and the majority by me. Each one is experimental in some way. Here are my best picks from what I have created through the years. Some have been great, some good and of course a lot of bad ones. To see them all check out our community's tumblr http://scribbleakl.tumblr.com/archive
Auckland Art Week event in collaboration with Circuit K' Road. Hand cut white paper by me and photographed by Paul Petch Photography.
This example above for our Christmas event was made up of letters mined from previous #scribbleAKL flyers.
Light painting, 8 second shutter speed and my mobile phone.
Type related objects typeset to create the details for this flyer.
A3 prints layered up, details cut and sections selectively removed.
Raw print toner on paper.
Marker on paper.
Bent aluminium and saw-dust sweeping.
Crinkled paper and drawing on the lines. Captured on a mobile phone and instagrammed.
Grid paper, pigment liner and lines, lots of lines.
Knolling style photography with various objects, image printed and typewriter created text glued on to the print.
Rubber bands and pins. One of my favourites.
Shredded paper and brushed on text.
Engraved chalk.
All in the grid.
Dot to dot and between the lines.
Landscape of letters.
Pocket speller and the word "scribble" being used from it.
Scrabble letters where applicable. The scores are the time and the names combined make the abbreviation of the bar.
Made from a single photograph. Layers of text were arranged around the room and in frame of the photograph composition. Some items were as close as 30cm and others were up to metres away.
Handwritten thank you to the community for their support after our 50th event.