Lait De Coco 

We worked with Spacesheep Studios and Ayam, France to come out with this 10sec spot for their latest Coconut Milk line-up.

We are glad to be given the creative freedom to work on the board, art-direction and look & feel for the spot. The challenges we faced is the CGI Liquid Simulation, where we have to create the liquid crown and make it to appear as slow-motion.

Nevertheless, to create a photo-realistic looking water splashes it takes up a longer time in terms of production and research on the technical aspects, in order to have full control on the droplets, liquid crown splashes.
Client : Ayam


Executive Producer : Nicholas Lai
Animation Director : Mchenn Lim
Art Director : KK Lai
VFX Director : Jiun Hao Cheng
Animators : Mchenn Lim / KK Lai
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Lait De Coco

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Lait De Coco