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    Collected school projects
Collected School Projects
Graphic Media Production at Broby Grafiska, years 2010–12.

Book layout
Client: Cordial- Business Process Reengineering
Job: Book layout (internship at Amigos Design)
Date: Jan–Mar, 2012
Name: Sunne city
Brief: Identity and logotype design
Date: Mars, 2011
Group project, sharp for Sunne city
Sunne is a small city along the river Fryken and known for their beautiful nature. They are seen as a tourist town both in the summer and winter, also culture is a big part of the city. Sunne is also a leading edge entrepreneur city, where new ideas and business are born. The latter is what their new identity should reflect more. As well as still having the connection to their beautiful nature.

The result is a simple font based logotype, together with a turquoise color, that reflects seriousness, innovation, refreshment and safety. And at the same time you can see the colors of the landscape in it, blue like the river and green like the forest.
Office materials, adds and brochure design
Flag design
Blank Magasin
Client: Examen work at Broby Grafiska
Job: Magazine (form and layout)
Date: 5 dec–21 dec, 2011